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Popular CPD Courses in the Autumn/Winter programme

Have you considered a CPD College in-service course to complete at your leisure over the winter evenings? Enrol now and have full access until the end of March, 2022.

We have some terrific offerings that include:

  • Six Bricks: An innovative play pedagogy that builds pupil skills. Gain a Level 4 Certificate in the methodology that is sweeping through education at the moment. (+ FREE Six Bricks resource pack by post.)
  • Guitar for Teachers: Learn to play, for you and for the classroom. Shorten those dark Winter evenings whilst learning a terrific new skill. (FREE Tuner, capo and plectrums by post.)
  • Exemplar year schemes: Are yours due an update? We have lots of ready to go exemplars.
  • The Special Education Teacher:  Refresh those ideas for the remainder of the year.

For more details or to enrol onto one of these or any of the 53 courses on offer, visit