JPH03 - Jolly Phonics, Irish English Version
Jolly Phonics: using synthetic phonics to ensure that all children learn to read



This self-paced on-line course examines the processes children go through when learning to read and write and shows how phonic knowledge is integral to these processes. Through this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the synthetic-phonics approach and will learn how best to apply this knowledge in the classroom. The course also includes a number of useful teaching resources and demonstrates how they can be used to facilitate the children's learning. The final part of the course examines the findings of recent studies, which confirm the importance of phonics in the teaching of reading.

The on-line format of the course enables you to study whenever and wherever you wish. Content is divided into five modules. You may complete these modules in any order, but you must complete all five within three months.


Participants are encouraged to interact with one another using the communication tools (forum, chat, e-mail) provided by the CPD College learning system. Active facilitation throughout the duration of the course provides expert guidance and feedback for all participants.

A number of activities and assignments, which invite critical analysis and a reasoned response, are interposed with the text in this highly interactive web-based course. On completion of the course, the participant will be able to download a certificate and their own personal CPD record. The CPD record details the time the student spent on the course, the student's responses to assignment questions and an assessment of the student's engagement with the course from the course facilitator.

This course includes video streaming of Sue Lloyd's recent seminar to teachers in Kilkenny Education Centre.

Now in use in over 82 countries worldwide!

"I can see this online Jolly Phonics training programme having far-reaching value for teachers and for education"
Chris Jolly,
Jolly Learning

Pictured from left to right are Jolly Phonics author Sue Lloyd, CPD College Director Frank McNamee and Jolly Learning Chairman Chris Jolly.

  How to register:
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 Learning outcomes:
By engaging with the course content and by sharing knowledge within the discussion forum, the participants will gain a thorough understanding of synthetic phonics and the ways in which it can be taught. This, in turn, will influence their approach to the teaching of reading in the coming years.
01 - Critically assess the different methods used to teach literacy over the years
02 - Gain an in-depth understanding of the Jolly Phonics programme
03 - Understand how Jolly Phonics is taught in the classroom
04 - Learn how to recognise and help a struggling child
05 - Examine the findings of recent research studies carried out in field of the literacy

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