Course title: Certificate in Teaching Enterprise (Integrating Enterprise into the Primary School Curriculum).
Profession: Primary School Teachers

Course duration: 20 hours

Accrediting body:

1. Department of Education and Science
2. Waterford Institute of Technology (Optional)

Type of accreditation:

1. 3 EPV Days
2. 5 Credits on the MA in Management and Education (pending)

Aim of course: "To give teachers the knowledge, skills and resources to integrate principles of enterprise education into the primary school curriculum.” The course will provide teachers with lesson plans, materials and worksheets to deliver a meaningful and relevant 10 hour enterprise course to their pupils.

Direct benefits:

1. Knowledge, understanding and strategies to teach a module on enterprise.
2. Lesson plans, materials and worksheets to deliver a meaningful and relevant 10 hour enterprise module.

   Learning outcomes:
At the end of this course the participants will be able to:
1. Explain market research and idea generation and how to integrate these concepts into the curriculum.
2. Describe the process of business planning and methods of teaching it in the primary classroom.
3. Outline the steps in setting up a business and demonstrate ways of teaching these concepts.
4. Discuss the principles of marketing and selling and outline how they might be taught in class.
5. Describe basic organisation skills and outline strategies on how to teach these skills at primary level.
1. Basic market research.
2. Simple business planning.
3. Setting up a business.
4. Principles of marketing and selling.
5. Basic business organisation.
Participants will be required to make a mandatory contribution to a discussion forum for each module. On completion of the 5 modules participants must provide a contribution that summarises his/her learning experiences and how it will impact on teaching and learning in the classroom for the coming year.
Cost: €89. This fee is payable to register on the course with CPD College. Should WIT certification be approved an additional fee of €100 will be charged by WIT for participants availing of the certification. This additional fee will be subsidised by Celtic Enterprises.
How to register:  



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