SS03 - Differentiation

The Key To Ensuring That All Students Learn Well, Despite Their Many Differences

Differentiation is an approach to teaching that attempts to ensure that all students learn well, despite their many differences. Differentiation permeates everything a good teacher does, as they think about the diversity of their students and try to honestly meet their individual needs.

Experts on cognitive development and on learning now stress that everyone can learn more, if they are taught appropriately, regardless of whatever they have previously achieved.
Put simply, whenever a teacher reaches out to an individual or small group to vary his or her teaching in order to create the best learning experience possible, that teacher is differentiating instruction.
A thorough, but grounded, understanding of differentiation and it's lesson application, helps us as teachers to reach out to all our pupils and to meet them where they are at in their learning.
Therefore, this seminar sets out to provide straightforward answers to fundamental questions and to provide teachers with effective practical lesson strategies for implementing differentiation.
What is Differentiation?
Who is Differentiation for?
What Is Differentiated Instruction?
Where do we begin with differentiation?
What do we Differentiate?
What is the singular most successful model to implementing differentiated instruction in the classroom?
All teachers will leave the seminar with a Six Step Plan for implementing differentiation in their lessons.
Seminar Objectives:
  1. Teachers will acquire a thorough appreciation of the need for differentiation
  2. Teachers will understand the elements of a lesson that can be differentiated
  3. Teachers will know, use and implement a tiering approach to lesson differentiation
  4. Teachers will apply the standard six step approach to lesson tiering
  5. Teachers will be equipped with a range of strategies that support, facilitate and enable differentiation to work effectively
The seminar ideas and material will guide and support your work in differentiating the lesson plan and truly reinvigorate your classroom approach to differentiation.
The seminar is delivered to the whole staff in a classroom setting through the Interactive Whiteboard using the seminar DVD or by logging into the course online at, and using the username and password enclosed with the DVD.
There will be pauses on occasion in the presentation to enable teachers to complete written ‘Stop & Think Tasks’.
There is also a comprehensive seminar handout, a copy of which needs to be photocopied for each attendee and distributed at the start of the seminar. The handout includes guidance notes for the seminar leader, participant notes and resources to support practical implementation of questioning techniques on completion of the seminar.
There is also full online support with access to the seminar itself, all relevant materials and a discussion forum on the topic and its implementation.
We hope that you enjoy this seminar and find it beneficial.
Order your ‘Questioning Seminar Pack’ today and we will dispatch it immediately with an invoice.

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